GRACE Inspired Living offers the accumulated and evolving benefits of a life richly lived.

Experience creative therapeutic conversation to enhance your understanding and relief from grief, anxiety, trauma, addiction and spiritual crisis.  Grace will assist you to find a sense of purpose, joy and peace in your everyday life.

Get to know Grace McKnight and the services of GRACE inspired living.

Grace McKnight

Canadian Certified Counsellor

Registered Counselling Therapist-Candidate

902 624 0066

Counselling Testimonial

“In the Spring of 2006 Grace helped me greatly after I left a difficult relationship. Six or seven years later I found myself in a personal and emotional crisis that was affecting my life. I remembered what she did for me and booked an appointment right away. When I showed up at her home full of chaotic, bristling energy she helped me to calm down and get to a place where I could talk about why I was there. Her compassion and demeanour was a salve for my wounded soul. She gave me personal space as well as guiding me thru some steps to help myself.

“Grace then suggested I walk her beautiful labyrinth. It certainly wasn’t what I was expecting. Her calm energy and voice  guided me thru the paths. We finished the session with more talking, a bit of writing and laughing instead of tears. Days later, I was surprised at how much I got from this session. Not only did I feel lighter and emotionally more stable, I felt like I could solve my own problems by what she taught me. I have never forgotten what Grace did for me that day. In fact, it inspired me to study my own spiritual beliefs a little closer and eventually make a public labyrinth as part of a community art project in Kings Co.

It gives me joy to introduce people to this practice of walking labyrinths. Grace and I have kept in touch over the years.  I was delighted to see her enter a counselling career because of the way she dealt with me in my time of need…and this was BEFORE she took her counselling degree! It’s a natural fit for her to help others.”


MJ… a happy and well adjusted client!

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