Feng Shui for your home, business and garden, since 1995.

Feng Shui Consultations are offered in person or at a distance. This is a comprehensive service for you, your home and business. The fee is $90.00/hour plus a fee for the distance travelled. Please contact Grace to learn more about the details and benefits of a consultation as well as a free CD.


Feng Shui Residential Client Testimonials

I wanted to thank you so much for your insights into our home setup. We started the day after you left and cleaned out a lot of stuff in the bedroom. We moved the fountain and set up a globe, among other things. We also have pictures of us in the bedroom. It is amazing how much all that has helped me feel better already. I feel a little lighter. I feel as though someone finally heard me and there is positive movement. My heartfelt thanks for your tactful manner, empathy and recommendations. Happy homeowner

It is a gorgeous property! One of the main reasons why – for starters – the gardens are so lovely is because of your magic touch. All the work you did on the inside may not be as evident to some. But we know what was involved. You transformed the property into a glorious welcoming, calming space. You really are the best!!! A.N., Mahone Bay

Thank you so much. That was so much fun and I am loving my new space literally all that great space. I couldn’t wait to get out and finish my errands and then come back home. I very contentedly putzed around placing glasses etc. away. I was careful not to load up that little cabinet in the corner again. Nothing got piled in just put in things that were in twos. Very tidy and inviting. I had the BEST nights sleep last night. Slept for 9 hours! I can feel the difference in the energy flow already. Thanks again. Happy Condo Dweller


We just wanted to tell what a change we have had in our lives since we had you over. As you will recall we were having trouble staying at home, we felt an over whelming compulsion to leave and stay away. After you did an energy cleansing and freed the trapped spirits we have greatly enjoyed out home.

Also the framing business that we were trying to start has taken off beyond our wildest dreams. We did as you suggested and cleared out all the decorations and collections that were higher than eyesight and the weight that was removed from our shoulders is unbelievable, I would never have thought this was holding us back.

In the area of personal cleansing we have both enjoyed a change in our state of mind and are not as angry as we were when we first met you. We are looking forward to another session with you. We just have to do a little time management. Who would have thought! Thank you very much.

Feng Shui garden

Grace McKnight’s Feng Shui work has made my home a more inviting and comfortable place. Rooms now beckon me, and the furnishings comfort and restore me. Grace has created a sanctuary that provides relief from our daily stress. Eric

I am AMAZED at the difference, at the organization and at just how much stuff I have gotten rid of. In addition, last night I was inspired and started going through even more old files, and culling them. It has been very liberating letting things go. Having the space open up has been wonderful. The energy flows better and it seems so much brighter. Creative Packrat

Grace, Soya (Seeing Eye Dog) and I truly enjoyed our time with you and the adventure of Feng Shui shopping!! There is so much to say about our day together, the energy flow that you brought to our home, your insightfulness, and most of all your compassion to the needs at hand, Grace, has unlocked a burst of energy inside of me!! Grace, I loved your Cd’s and as I listened a smile came over my body and thought; “Louise, you have much fun work to do in this house!” I love all of the items that we purchased and have decided to keep the two wooden cabinets. Grace, thank you so much for being a great listener and doing what you do SO well!!


Feng Shui Business Client Testimonials

Please feel free to use me as a reference and pictures of Healthy Selection. You helped me through the entire design process; layout, colors, furniture, lighting, logo, signage, basically every aspect, and you are very, very good at it. Our customers, staff and clients love our new space. I am sure we will be working together again. I know when we renovate our house we will be in good hands. Thank you again for your assistance. Anna de Vries, Healthy Selection, Bedford Hwy

Medical office entrance

In 2009 The Natural Health Practitioners of Canada undertook a major renovation of its existing 9,000 sq ft office. We were looking to discard a conventional approach to our renovation, searching for someone to transform the space into a naturally healthy workplace reflective of the values of our organization. Grace McKnight did this and more. Grace guided the discussion, formation and completion of the renovations with creative vision and attention to detail. The result is a contemporary space, which is highly functional and beautiful while reflecting the uniqueness of our organization. It is innovative and professional, creative in its utilization of natural light, open spaces, quiet spaces and the flow of movement. Grace also guided us to use green products wherever possible.
One such space is the cafe style kitchen and leisure area. This space is central to our love of nutritious, delicious, healthy food while facilitating informal networking and sharing. This area is already recognized as invaluable to the health, creativity and productivity of our work. Other new features were incorporated into the design such as a spacious boardroom, staff shower/locker room, an executive reception area, efficient storage, a dedicated quiet space and a large workshop area already being fully utilized by our members and the public.
We highly recommend Grace McKnight’s creative, inclusive approach and her design expertise to anyone embarking on a construction or renovation project. – Paul Buffel, NHPC President 2010, Edmonton, AB

School staff room

Classroom at Natural Health Practitioners of Canada

Corporate work area

Healthy Selection, Bedford

As a new retailer, finding professionals who could walk me through the stages of design, construction and implementation was a must. Grace in her energy and enthusiasm has taken all those little ideas in my head and provided me with the plans and tools to open the boutique of my desire. In just 3 sessions Grace guided the process of choosing colors, textures, inventory placement and traffic flow. Not only have I gained a new business venture but have added a new source for inspiration. Many Thanks Grace. KK, Owner/Operator, Gift Shop, Halifax, N.S.

We first met Grace McKnight in the early stages of designing the spa. Creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere is of utmost importance to spa goers and we needed some direction. Grace helped us to choose appropriate colors for all areas of the spa in addition to flooring choices, shower and sink placement, rounded corners and walls, fabric color, space allotment, office location, etc. When everything finally came together we were very satisfied with the results. As guests came in for services and people were given tours, the same feedback was heard: how relaxed they felt simply by walking in and being inside the spa. We realized that we had Grace to thank for all her help. Halifax Spa

As I use my home as my place of business, I thought it was important to ask you over in order to ensure that our environment was energetically good for my family and for my clients alike. I would recommend your services to anyone using their space for both business and family life. I have already referred you to friends and I will continue to do so because I believe that we all need a good environment to live and work in and you certainly achieved this for us! Thanks again! Nicole Sergent

Fountain in entrance foyer

Reception area

Corporate kitchen

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