Leading with your heart

IMG_1767I think I missed the 70’s and the whole tie-dye thing. I want you to know I am making up for it now. This week I created many more silk/wool scarves, each one a unique colour and design. It reminds me of many years ago opening my kiln after a crystalline glaze firing.  I will continue to add scarf potteryphotos to my website under Creative Endeavours and you can also see them at the Cosmic Hippie Boutique in Mahone Bay.

I’m not doing t-shirts generally but I have to say these were fun to produce. The idea of putting one’s heart front and centre, (as well as on the sleeve), really appeals to me. If I put my heart first; i.e. compassion, love, generosity, genuineness, respect, belief in the goodness of others, and so on, I find I am more content and more often attract similar values from others. And sometimes not. There is no guarantee but at least I know I have offered my best. What do you think? What is your experience with putting your heart first?

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