New Growth

Where I sit at my desk and look out my window pretty much all I see are tall, gracious Hemlock trees with little bits of sky poking through. This time of year the lacey branches flaunt their new growth. Each branch is adorned with bright, green fingers declaring their vitality and survival through an especially long winter. Despite the clouds of pollen that fall from this new growth I really enjoy the contrasting colours of the old and new green.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if we humans, beyond the age of growth spurts, could somehow display our growth visibly. What if the internal growth of mind and spirit that continues throughout our lifespan was visible for all to see? Would this be helpful to those around us, somehow lifting others up as well? Our growth is apparent to some, but it is very subtle, if not invisible, to others. How do I know if you have had a rise in creativity or an emotional breakthrough?  Does it require a willingness to reaveal or an acute sense of perception?  Or both?  Nature flaunts its growth for all to see.  Very often we hold back and even deny the richness and beauty of our skills when sharing them could actually be a help to others.  Where do you fall on the continuum of celebration and self deprecation?

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