The Seamless Weave of Work, Life and Spirit

For Armand de Grenier, psychotherapist and Susan Morrison, Massage Therapist and Homeopath, there is very little distinction between their work and their spiritual path. Their work is a seamless connection to who they are in the rest of their lives.

Susan and Armand started Nova Quest Health Associates in 1989. Associates are like-minded practitioners, who also share a commitment to personal growth.

At Nova Quest clients are seen as whole people; physical, emotional, and spiritual beings. They are also their history, their culture, their family, economic beings, educated beings and so on. All factors enter the healing domain so clients are not just treated symptomatically. Susan and Armand assist others to get in touch with their own spiritual healing essence.

Likewise at Nova Quest it is not just the individual who is assisted. Sometimes the whole family and their community are involved coming for counseling and massage. Armand and Susan are conscious of the positive impact their work has had over time. In the native tradition, one thinks about effecting change over 7 generations.

High-level wellness is about raising consciousness. One may have an illness and yet be well emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. Both Armand and Susan see many people with work related stress, physical or otherwise.When people can go to work and be themselves they are absent less, more effective, higher functioning, resilient to stress, and so on.

For Armand and Susan, spirituality is a way of being in the world that recognizes a sense of interdependence, interconnectedness, inclusiveness of all nature; human and animal, across time and history. It is a level of consciousness awareness

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