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What is counselling?

Counselling, also called therapy or psychotherapy, is a specific kind of conversation. It involves:

  • A confidential and impartial exchange with a highly trained professional
  • A safe designated space for a pre-determined length of time at a frequency that meets your needs
  • An agreed upon fee and means of payment 

The conversation is based on your needs and aspirations which may change over time or even from session to session.  As your counsellor I am there to help you gain clarity and courage for the life you want to live.

When might you see a counsellor?  

  • If you are experiencing uncertainty and want to get ground back under your feet
  • If you need help sorting through your thoughts, feelings, needs and desires
  • If you are seeking to understand and gain relief from grief, loss and sorrow
  • If you are suffering the effects of trauma, stress, anxiety and emotional turbulence
  • If you are navigating a spiritual crisis
  • If you are working with addictive patterns
  • If you are healing from physical pain

How will Grace work with me?

  • My first interest is getting to know you while you get to know me, and we begin the process of establishing a relationship of trust and safety 
  • I will listen with genuine curiosity and compassion to discern how we will proceed to build skills, awareness and a sense of personal agency for you
  • My therapeutic approaches include:
    • Somatic Attachment Therapy
    • Emotionally Focused Individual and Couple Therapy
    • EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitization Reprogramming
    • Solution Focused
    • Trauma Informed
    • Narrative Therapy
    • Mindfulness based strategies
    • Visualization and visual expression
    • Mindfully walking an outdoor labyrinth

Who does Grace work with?

  • Primarily adults, across all phases, from 18 years of age

I look forward to meeting you and having a conversation.


$100/hr, plus HST.

Your session may be covered by an Employee and Family Assistance Programs (EAP) and/or Group Health Benefits. Please check to see if your plan covers a Registered Counselling Therapist.

You may claim your counselling session as an expense on your income tax. Please check with a tax office for details as each situation is individual.


Grace has offices in Mahone Bay and Bridgewater, centrally located between Halifax and Liverpool. Contact Grace to arrange an appointment at either of these locations.

See Grace’s counselling education & credentials.